Whatever IoT ideas your business requires,

We have the fleet management system for you.


GPSMAP is a trustworthy and advanced telematics platform for transportation resources management.It’s easily integrated with other platforms and systems.The platform allows to optimise operation costs, increase efficiency and save time.GPSMAP helps the fleet managers and operators to collaborate easily.


Live Monitoring

The platform provides a feature of live tracking, last update, live traffic measurements tools, export tool satellite map , view geo-unit.

Historical Tracking

Route history includes route, speed, statistic, alarm points, violation points, street map,odometer, engine temp, fuel level, maximum speed, distance etc.


Dashboard provides information about the vehicle activity and trip events.

Notifications, reports

System provides notifications about any event that happens during the ride and reports from vehicle condition to speed, fuel level, geofencing, idling etc.


Explore vehicles, drivers, accounts, geo- units, Canbus, fuel, weight and much more.


Control fixed distance or time elapsed, fixed time elapsed, periodic distance or ignition time elapsed, periodic distance or time elapsed.

Fuel management

Control fuel level, fuel flow meters, RFID, calculate fuel usage for each equipment, fuel balance.Live monitor road tankers.

Temperature management

Monitor temperature with daily temperature report, door open report, cooling summary report, auto cooling report.

Weight management

The system informs about the total weight, load weight, axles weight, load for each axle, tamper alarm, overload alarm


You can get the information about CANbus speed, odometer, fuel level, percentage, consumption, engine temperature, working, idle, moving hours

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