We offer up to 98% deliverability of concrete at the jobsite on time, over 90% enhancement to the dispatcher’s capability of dispatching the fleet and up to 93% accuracy to ascertain the status of each construction site and truck.


Real time data

Get real-time data about vehicle location and speed along with drum rotation, and waterflow, alerts and guidance to avoid quality issues.

Unauthorized concrete discharge

A log of concrete discharges is stored in the system for analysis and prevention of theft.

Drum rotation sensor

Reduce waste and loss of product due to long delivery time frames or inconsistent mixing drum performance.

Water flow level

Water flow sensor to control the additional flow, pressure and direction.

Cement mixing process

Mixing system must also be monitored to ensure that the mixing speed and ratio of water flow are operating as intended.

Monitor truck weight

The axles distribute the load evenly, allow operation on weight restricted roads, and reduce problems on normal roads.

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