Car Leasing

In order to provide car-sharing or leasing services, it is necessary to be able to remotely control many functions of a vehicle including locking and unlocking.Our Solution provides the flexibility for many types of hardware, firmware and software integration. This flexibility allows flawless operations because the safety and comfort of the client depend on it.



Safety and security

Features such as an accident or car towing detection helps to investigate various incidents that often happen in car-sharing business.

Driver score

Rank or give score to users based on driving behaviour information.Provide users with insights on their driving style.

Keyless technology

Track different parametrs such as door status, battery level etc.Send commands to control the vehicle:door block, ignition blocking.


All the necessary tools, guidelines, manuals in one place give an opportunity to set-up the vehicle quickly.

Alerts and notifications

Receive alerts for vehicle maintenance, safety and other important events.

Real time

The solution alows to get live data such as location, fuel level, battery level, historical data etc.

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