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Transparency is essential today in transporting goods, in logistics and intralogistics. When is the truck with the finished components due to arrive? What is the temperature in the refrigerated container? Where is the pallet with the wheel bearings? IoT tracker and sensor modules provide a detailed insight into the supply chain and the warehouse. What that means for the customer experience is that the customer can be supplied faster and that they can precisely identify when the goods ordered will arrive and when and where the cold chain was interrupted or a pallet was stolen.


Transparency at every stage of delivery

Charge carriers, keep a record of every incident on-screen, precise location of vehicles and goods.

Plug-and-play digitized

Pushbutton collection service helps the logistic department to receive work status message immediately.

Machine as a service

Sensors attached to plant and machinery record measurements such as rev count, temperature, pressure and sound the alarm in cases of discrepancy.

Connected ventilators

Smart connected plant that they can monitor by PC and smartphone.Plant and processes optimization.

Connecting in and around the car

Connected parking spaces report their status to apps and navigation systems, thereby enabling Smart Parking.

Hardware filled with software

Receive software updates over the air for all kinds of systems, from the battery to the suspension.


E-Call recognizes an accident automatically and notifies the emergency services. Sensors and SIM cards are the nucleus of the system.

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