Taxi Operations

Our Taxi solution provides users different enhanced experiences including driver, route and marketing information.As for operators our solution facilitates dispatch and surveillance to ensure quality of the rider experience.The system is aimed at addressing the issues in the private and union taxi sectors, which have received numerous complaints such as denying passengers, refusal to charge by the official tariffs, speeding, and careless driving behaviour.


Data driven operations

Analyze the data of your drivers, bookings, and transactions to get a clear view of your strengths and weaknesses.

Manage Drivers

Our platform helps you add,remove, update, and block the drivers’ profile and their commission.

Manage bookings

Filter all the cancelled, pending and rejected rides as per day, week and month to manage them better.

Alert service centre in case of an emergency

Devices record travel information and in case of an emergency an alert is sent to the service centre.

Maintenance time alerts

The system alerts you when maintenance is required on each vehicle to avoid breakdowns.

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