Refrigerated Cargo

Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage segments and a number of other areas require stringent adherence to temperature, humidity, weight of the truck and other health-related requirements. When standards are crucial, there’s only one way to make it right! Our intelligent tracking system ensures that any mission-critical parameter is tracked, with temperature deviations being reported at all times. Alerts and notifications are triggered and shared with a dispatcher along the way, planned vs actual routes tracked to deliver your valuable assets safe and sound.



Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The system provides notifications when a fluctuation occurs in the mandated temperature and humidity of the vehicle.

Weight monitoring

Weight sensors and weigh loads from the vehicle and transmit the information to the platform and avoid problems on weight restricted roads.

Driver performance monitoring

Monitoring for unsafe driving behaviors such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, excessive idling.

Location tracking

Location tracking helps improve route planning, generate detours around traffic jams, and even prevent the theft.

Geofencing by corridor

Our system provides this feature which helps to avoid the delays by setting a boundary along the path in which the vehicle operates.

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